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Attoricites at Abu Ghraib and beyond...

This was a widespread problem. It reached from Afghanistan to Iraq to Guantanamo.
It has been happening since Sept 11th at Guantanamo, and it was not ignored by the left wing.

Rumsfeld, and the rest of the administration has been very secretive.
No one ever seems to be held accountable for mis-givings in this administration.
No WMD's in Iraq, and lies about them, Leak gate, 9/11 etc...

In the worst Government failure in History (911)
The investigation seemed to applaud how well these people were doing their jobs.
I witnessed the same today when Rumsfeld was questioned
by Republican senators about Abu Ghraib

Rumsfeld gave the impression that Geneva convention did not apply.
Leaders lead by example.

This is not Mr. Rumsfelds only problem....

Contractors, Intel and the CIA

Who will fall on their sword for GWB?
As the balme game goes on, it will point to the private contractors,
whom are not bound to the same regulations as the military.
So what regulations are they bound to?
What rules to the CIA and Intel have to follow?
They can not be court martialed, as they are not military.
What is their chain of command?

Abu Ghraib: Has the CIA Privatized Torture?

Here is the 53 pg secret report on Iraqi prisoners
(that Rummy did not feel the need to read)
If you can't download it you can get it at:

You need a bachlors degree to torture prisoners.
you can apply here...

Photos (only if you have a strong stomach)

Brigadier-General Janis Karpinski who oversaw the prison, claimed she did not know about the abuse and blamed "military intelligence" for being behind the abuse

Delta Force, Navy SEALs involved in abuse?
Red Cross repeatedly warned about jail
General Told MPs to `soften Up' Prisoners
Soldiers Back in U.S. Tell of More Iraqi Abuses
'Cooks and drivers were working as interrogators' Private contractor lifts the lid on systematic failures at Abu Ghraib jail
Abuse Common in U.S. Prisons, Activists Say
Iraqi inmate: 'Treated like dogs'
Girl raped by a soldier
Labourers claim U.S. held them captive on base Story comes hard on heels of revelations of prisoner abuse
25 Prisoners Died While Held by U.S. Forces
French TV screens images of US helicopter crew killing Iraqis
U.S. Troops Kill 57 Iraqis in Battle Near Najaf
Third Brit Soldier Tells Us: I Saw PoW Beatings
'US soldiers abused young girl at Iraqi prison'
Supreme Court Hears Guantanamo Detainees Case


Iraqi child Zahra Jassim, 12, waits for treatment in the Al Hakim hospital in Najaf, Iraq, Friday, May 7, 2004. U.S. soldiers seized the governor's office Thursday in the holy city of Najaf, wresting control from Shiite militiamen loyal to a radical cleric in battles that left an estimated 40 Iraqis dead. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

Blasts kill 143 pilgrims in Iraq   March 03, 2004

England has not been charged. She has transferred to Fort Bragg, N.C., where England has declined to leave the base because she does not want media attention, her sister said. I think she's being picked on and being used as a scapegoat,'' Klinestiver said. ``I don't know why they're showing her so much when she hasn't been charged.
Family: GI in Iraq Photos Followed Orders
It is both odd and difficult to believe that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld never got around to reading the 53-page report by Major Gen. Antonio Taguba listing the terrible abuse of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison 20 miles west of Baghdad. It is also odd and difficult to believe that the private military firm CACI International has never heard from the Army or the Department of Defense that Taguba named two of its employees of directly or indirectly causing widespread abuse.
No one has been held accountable in reportedly excessive if not fraudulent spending by civilian contractors in Iraq.
No one has been held accountable for the hiring of thousands of private military contractors who are free to act virtually with impunity because they are beyond military law.
Back to Rumsfeld and the stand down order...
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